Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 2021 – May 31, 2021 all-day

A three night stay is required for this activity filled weekend.  At Jellystone Park we have a DJ Saturday night, activities, movies, and visits from Yogi Bear.  Frankenmuth is host to a popular dog show event and Hot Air Balloon competitions.



Day/Time Activity Location
5:30pm Craft Time Blue Tent
6:30pm Watch for the Bear Playground
7:00pm Color Time Bag Craft $8 Yogi Bear™ Room
8:00pm Movie TBA Yogi Bear™ Room
8:00pm Community Fire Blue Tent
10-10:30pm Teen Swim Time Indoor Pool
8:30am Yogi Bear™ Cartoons Yogi Bear™ Room
9:30am Watch for the Bear Playground
10:00am Scavenger Hunt Blue Tent
11:00am Stuff a Friend make your own plush $12.  Clothing $4 & $8 each Rec Hall
12:30pm Lunch With Yogi Bear™ bring your own lunch Blue Tent
1:30pm Beach Ball Volleyball Volley Ball Net
2:30-4pm Open Rec Hall Free Games & Ceramic Painting $7 Rec Hall
4:00pm Yogi Bear Visits  Free Treat Yogi Bear™Room
6-10pm DJ      Don’t miss Yogi Bear™ dancing Rec Hall
7:30pm Movie – TBA Yogi Bear™ Room
8:30-10am Pancake Breakfast Yogi Bear™ Room
  $3.75 pancake, 3 sausages & drink  
10:30am Watch for the Bear Playground
11:00am Tye Dye $8 for a shirt or bring your own Blue Tent
1:00pm Kickball Game Playground
2:30pm Relay Races Playground
3:30pm Candy Bar Bingo bring a candy bar Rec Hall
5:00pm Wagon Ride Playground
6:00pm Watch for the Bear Playground
7:00pm Ice Cream Social $3 Rec Hall
9:00pm Light Parade march around the park bring something that glows  Playground
9:00am Yogi Bear™ Cartoons Yogi Bear™ Room
10:00am Watch for the Bear Playground
11:00am Color a Yogi Bear™ Picture Blue Tent
11:15am Sandy Candy $3 Blue Tent
1:00pm Bubble Time Blue Tent