Yogi Bear™ Halloween Weekend

October 18, 2019 – October 20, 2019 all-day

Glowing wagon ride, trick or treating, costume judging, pumpkin painting and awards for the best decorated campsite.


Day/Time Activity Location
6:00pm Scavenger Hunt Blue Tent
7:00pm Color Time Craft Trick or Treat Bag $8 Yogi Bear™ Room
8:00pm Movie – TBA Yogi Bear™Room
9:00am Yogi Bear™ Cartoons Yogi Bear™ Room
10:00am Watch For The Bear Playground
10:30am Stuff a Bear $12 choose your animal & fill him with stuffing RecHall
  each animal $12 clothes $3-$7  
11:00am Football Playground
12:15pm Costume Judging for children 0-4 years old Rec Hall
12:30pm Costume Judging for children 5- 8 years old Rechall
12:45pm Costume Judging for children 9 and older RecHall
1:30-2:30 Trick or Treating to campsites All around
3:30pm Paint pumpkins $1.00 limit to first 100 RecHall
4:30pm Witches BINGO Rec Hall
 5:00pm Pick up timed tickets for glowing wagon ride Blue Tent
5:30pm Watch for the Bear Playground
7-8:30pm Glowing wagon ride Blue Tent
  All non ticket holders for wagon ride will need to be in the standby line.  Wagon will  
  be filled from standby line.  Pick up tickets at 5pm.  
7:00pm Campsites Judged All around
7:55pm Awards for campsites announced Rec Hall
6-10pm DJ – Come dance with your friends Rec Hall
9:00am Yogi Bear™ Cartoons Yogi Bear™ Room
10:00am Watch for the Bear Playground
11:00am Fall Craft Rec Hall
1:00pm Sidewalk Chalk Art Playground