Sports and Games

May 21, 2021 – May 23, 2021 all-day

Sports from all seasons will be include for a fun weekend.

Day/Time Activity Location
4:30pm Yogi Bear™ Basketball Playground
5:30pm Scavenger Hunt Playground
6:30pm Watch for the Bear Playground
7:00pm Color Time Bag Craft $7 Yogi Bear™ Room
8:00pm Movie – TBA Yogi Bear ™ Room
9:00am Yogi Bear™ Cartoons Yogi Bear ™ Room
10:00am Watch for the Bear Playground
10:30am Wagon Ride Playground
11:00am Craft Time Rec Hall
12:30pm Bucket Ball Playground
1:30pm Playground Games Playground
3:00pm Kickball Game Playground
4:30pm Yahtzee Yogi Bear Room
6:00pm Watch for the Bear Playground
7:00pm Candy Bar Bingo bring a candy bar Rec Hall
8:00pm Movie – TBA Yogi Bear™ Room
9:30am Cartoons Yogi Bear™ Room
10:30am Watch for the Bear Playground
11:30am Kite Making Rec Hall
1:00pm Make a Fleece Ball Yogi Bear™Room
2:30pm Bubble Time Playground
4:00pm Sandy Candy $3 Campstore
7:00pm Movie – TBA Yogi Bear™ Room