Labor Day Weekend

September 3, 2021 – September 5, 2021 all-day

A three night stay is required.  Tie-dye, prize bingo, pancake breakfast Sunday morning, with games and crafts all weekend.


Day/Time Activity
11:00am Craft Time
1:30pm Secret Code & Ispy Pick Up
2:30pm Musical Dots
4:00pm Camping Hangman
5:00pm Candy Bar Races
6:00pm Watch for the Bear
7:00pm Color Time Craft Bags $8
8:30pm Outdoor Movie
10:00am Good Morning with the Bear
10:30am Scavenger Hunt
11:00am – 2:00pm Tye Dye sign up for a time 2 families at a time $8 for a shirt purchased in campstore or bring your own. 
1:00pm Craft Pick Up
2:00pm Obstacle Course
3:00pm Red Light, Green Light & Simon Says
4:00pm Kids Slushie Bingo 
5:00pm Pig Races
6:00-8:00pm DJ Outdoor Dance Party at the Playground
7:00pm Ice Cream Social in a Souvenir Cup $3
8:30pm Outdoor Movie
8:30-10:00am Pancake Breakfast Take Out Only
  $4 for pancakes, 3 sausages, coffee and juice
10:30am Watch for the Bear
11:30am Stuff a Plush Animal $12 many to choose from
1:00pm Dice Game
2:00pm Craft Time
3:30pm Super Hero Agility
4:30pm Pick Up Secret Code Activity Pack
5:30pm Watch for the Bear
7:00pm Prize Bingo at the Playground – Bring a blanket to sit on.
8:30pm Outdoor Movie
10:00am Good Morning with the Bear
11:00am Sandy Candy Making $3
12:00pm Bubble Time
1:00pm Craft Pick up in Campstore